Monster Hunter Rise Tote Bag "Shrine Ruins"

Produktinformationen "Monster Hunter Rise Tote Bag "Shrine Ruins""

Where once sacrifices were made, decay now reigns... and nature takes it all back! 

The area of the enchanted shrine ruins was once covered with imposing temples, but now all kinds of monsters and Elder Dragons rule over the sprawling grounds where people have offered prayers of protection. Those who now seek sanctuary had best equip themselves well, for, without a fierce battle, the new inhabitants will not surrender this sacred place.

Perfect inventory enhancement for stylish hunters!

Stand out from the crowd with this stylish tote bag. Whether youre shopping, going to school, or exploring the world, youll be carrying around a real piece of art!
The illustrations on the tote bag are kept in the Japanese-inspired style that runs through the entire game and makes it a real artistic feast for the eyes.

  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Size: approx. 32x37 cm
  • Manufactured and licensed by Capcom


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